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SOS Navigations

Navigating the Waves of Life

SOS Navigations New Release

SOS Navigations New Release

SOS Navigations New Release

Navigating "Old School" Grandparenting

in a "Newfangled" World

Social media...helicopter phones...oh my!


With the emergence of the internet, increasingly complicated gizmos and gadgets, and today’s modern “parent or friend” attitude, becoming a Nana or PopPop isn’t what it used to be. And since when was diaper duty on anybody’s bucket list? Grandmother of ten and child care expert Linda MacConnachie breaks it all down in this witty and insightful guide to grandparenting in the twenty-first century.


If any of this sounds familiar... 

"I'm allergic to broccoli!" "You are not the boss of me!"

"Terrible Two's...Ooops Teens"

this book is for YOU.

This Was NOT on my Bucket List




Linda MacConnachie is first and foremost a Nana to ten full-of-life and energetic grandchildren-all living within thirty minutes-who keep her young at heart and occasionally frazzled.  


She is the former Owner/Director of Sunshine Station Child Development Centers in Indian Trail, North Carolina. These centers held Five Star rated licenses and were accredited with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).


Linda holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development and Family Relations from the University of Connecticut, as well as, Elementary Education.  She has been a professional educator, trainer and mentor for over thirty years and a Nana for seventeen!  


Linda is the proud recipient of The Union County North Carolina Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award for her commitment to young children, the growth of Sunshine Station Child Development Centers and her philosophy of “giving back to the community”.  She has served on numerous Boards of Directors advocating for children and families. Linda and her husband, Ian, live in Monroe, North Carolina happily surrounded by their MacPac Clan. Loving the beach, they spend many weeks watching the waves at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. The place where in their hearts they really live.

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Patti J. 

It's such a realistic book..reading it makes me laugh..and it makes me realize I'm not the only one in life that needs a technology techie!

Lori T. 

I love the fact that the author takes her real life experiences to make me realize that I will make it! 

John K.

Raising grandchildren in this day and age is tough. I am using some of the strategies to  help balance the way I was raised and how to connect with my grandkids. Thanks for an amazing resource! 

Meet The Mac Pac

To all those that need and live by this book, I have realized that even the best of grandparents know that at times we have to send out an SOS.
This book is a way to help the "Sanity of Seniors".  I am sending out all my love and support to my fellow Seniors calling out their own SOS.
May this book help you navigate the waves of life.
Meet the MacPac
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