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  • Why did you write the book?
    Upon retirement, my Bucket List was sixty eight adventures long-to zip line over the rain forest in Costa Rica, fly an airplane, go to yoga three times a week. Being on speed dial for 10 grands was not in the plan. But having been an early childhood educator for over thirty years I thought I knew all the answers and was ready to step up and Nana. Wrong! The rules of the game were changed. Times have moved from the wooden spoon to the negotiating table with mini-CEO’s in control. The response to “Because I said so” is now “You are not the boss of me!” Throw in your picky eater saying, “I’m allergic to broccoli” and game on! Thanks to the many temper tantrum, time-out and terrible twos (oops teens) questions from my fellow yogi’s I was inspired to share my experiences with others. Namaste, Ladies. So whether you are an on-call, on-demand, speed-dial kind of grandparent; whether you are a long-distance Facetime grandparent; whether you are one of the three million grandparents raising grandfamilies, 24/7 this is my gift to you. We are all in this together.
  • How do we arrange for a book signing on location?
    Enter your information into the Contact section along with where you and your event are located and what date you have planned. We will work together to make sure that I am there with plenty of books sell and life stories share.
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