SOS Navigations

Navigating the Waves of Life

SOS Navigations New Release

SOS Navigations New Release

SOS Navigations New Release

Navigating "Old School" Grandparenting

in a "Newfangled" World

Social media...helicopter phones...oh my!


With the emergence of the internet, increasingly complicated gizmos and gadgets, and today’s modern “parent or friend” attitude, becoming a Nana or PopPop isn’t what it used to be. And since when was diaper duty on anybody’s bucket list? Grandmother of ten and child care expert Linda MacConnachie breaks it all down in this witty and insightful guide to grandparenting in the twenty-first century.


If any of this sounds familiar... 

"I'm allergic to broccoli!" "You are not the boss of me!"

"Terrible Two's...Ooops Teens"

this book is for YOU.

This Was NOT on my Bucket List